Meet The Artist

studio-2.jpgHi, I'm Nancy, and Anoush has been my passion since 2012. 

It can be so hard to find time for self care. How do we take a moment? How do we find our balance? With the multitude of products to choose from, how do we make healthy choices for ourselves, our households, and our environment?

Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years to heal body and soul.
We can tap into this tradition to find a still point in our day, to influence our mood,
to reconnect to the natural world, or just to feel beautiful.

My family comes from Pennsylvania Dutch country, where there is a long tradition of practical craftsmanship. I inherited the creative bug, studying many different art forms over the years, before stumbling into a job at a health food store. I saw a market for my patchwork of skills, making green and functional products that could soothe, delight, and support the health of others.
I make my goods by hand, one piece at a time, with quality, sustainably sourced plants and nontoxic materials, so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body and in your home.

Best Wishes from my house to yours!